Ways in Which The Appearance of a Bedroom Can Be Improved

The bedroom should be a calm and tranquil space where we can rest and recuperate after a long, hard day. It should be somewhere that offers an escape from everyday life. Unfortunately, many people tend to neglect this room as it is not often seen by visitors to the home. As a result it can sometimes become an untidy space that is used as a dumping ground for everyday items that have yet to be put away! Creating a relaxing and stylish bedroom will always have a postive impact on a person’s mood, improve sleep quality and generally promote well being.

In this article we will look at different ways in which the appearance of a bedroom can be improved taking particular note of modern trends in decor and furniture.

Updating the Furniture

There are two kinds of units commonly available for the bedroom – built in or free standing. Installing fitted furniture is a great way of improving the look of the room. Fitted units tend to look stylish and upmarket. They also make great use of all of the available space and provide excellent storage – great for hiding away clutter! However, they do have one big downside – they can not be moved if the person fancies a change in layout. In this case, free standing items may be the way to go.

The Feature Wall

This recent trend has been very popular with homeowners. This is a very effective way of adding a bit of interest and a focal point to the room. The look can be achieved in a number of different ways, the most common being either painting a wall in one block colour, or alternatively, using wall paper. However, it is also possible to create a feature wall by adding materials such as wood or fabric. Whichever method is chosen, there are some dos and don’ts. Firstly, and probably most importantly, the feature wall should complement the rest of the room and not distract from it. For example, a bold statement wall can sometimes be too over-powering. The rest of the decor and the style of the furniture should be taken into consideration.

Statement Lighting Fittings

Lighting in the bedroom is very important. Soft lighting is best for producing a calm and relaxing space. Bedside lamps make a great addition to the room. Chandelier style ceiling lights have been very popular in recent years. These are not to everyone’s taste, but they can make quite a statement and work very well in some bedrooms.

Decorate in Neutral Colours

This doesn;t necessarily mean using boring creams. Soft grey has been very popular of late and can make an execellent choice for the bedoom. Likewise colours such as duck egg blue and mint grean work very well. These colour schemes can be cleverly complemented with accessories such as cushions and throws.