Tips to Help You Make Your Home a Safer Place

One of the key things we look for when we purchase a residential property in India is a safe locality. We want our homes to be in places where there is no crime, where there a good neighbours and only where you can rest assured that your children and other family members are safe to roam about no matter what the time of the day. With the growing crimes in the country, safety is an issue that everyone worries about.

But even if you do find the perfect house in a “safe” locality, there is no guarantee that you and your family are safe. You need to have a few safety measures in place in your homes so that you can be sure that you are indeed safe.

Here are five tips and measures you need to take to ensure that you are indeed safe in your home.

  1. Safety doors: Most luxury apartments in Mumbai have this feature. The door to your house is the first thing people see when they come to visit, yet we don’t put much thought into it. A safety door can be the difference between a safe and unsafe house. It can be used to screen visitors before they enter your house. These doors are especially useful when you have children or elderly people in the house.
  2. Security: If you leave in building then you should ensure that your building has a security guard who has been hired from a reputed agency. Always have a background check done before you employ a new guard.
  3. CCTV: In India we don’t have the system of equipping our house with security systems like they do abroad. But a simple CCTV camera over your door can help you screen visitors even before you answer your door. These systems are inexpensive and can really be helpful if you live alone.
  4. Intercom systems: If you live in a building, equipping each flat with an intercom system is a good idea. This way your security guard can alert you if you have any unexpected visitors, delivery persons or an unknown person wanting to enter your building premises.
  5. Fire extinguishers and exits: Fire safety is of utmost importance in home and housing society. Every floor of the building need to have atleast one fire extinguisher and every seven floors you need to have one refuge area.

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