5 Plumbing Myths – About All of Your Home Plumbing Systems

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Plumbing is a technical thing, difficult to be understood by everybody. But that doesn’t mean everything that any random plumber says is true. Some plumbers do so to befool you and make some money out of you. Hence it is very important to know few basic things about plumbing.

Toronto plumbing Group, in order to save you from getting mugged by any plumber, has come up with certain famous myths about plumbing.

1. Your water heater will explode: No, it won’t. If any kind of sound is coming out of it, it could be because of some sediments or lack of water. The sediments get collected and make sound as water passes out of it. So if plumber says it can explode, then tell him that chances of exploding a water heater is zero.

2. Ice cubes and garbage disposal unit: It is not a great option to use ice cubes for sharpening the blades of the unit. Instead egg shells are something worth considering.

3. Leaking will stop automatically: No, it won’t. If you think there is a leaking faucet and it will stop leaking after sometime, then you are wrong. The hole will increase if ignored for sometime making the thing worse.

4. Flushable wipes are not flushable: The flushable wipes are not so flushable all the time. They aren’t fully biodegradable. So you may end up clogging your toile pipe making things worse for yourself.

5. Bleach tablets and toilet bowl: The myth that says bleach tablets are good for cleaning the toilet bowl is completely wrong. It will clean the bowl but will destroy other components of the tank.

Toronto plumbing Group aims to serve the customers but not at the sake of befooling them through these myths. We are committed to provide satisfactory services through properly licensed plumbers and contractors in the cities of Toronto and Mississauga.

Toronto Plumbing Group is the top notch name which is committed to deliver highly professional services at affordable costs. All the plumbers working have proper licenses provided after proper training.

Toronto Plumbing Group is there to ensure that your bathroom and kitchen gets the best fitting accessories. It is very important to choose the right showers heads, taps and their valves to prevent yourself from getting the headache of leakage every single day after that.

Our service is friendly, professional and reliable while our plumbers will ask for written review before leaving the job to ensure you are 100% satisfied with the work.

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